Me and my Ebony Yamaha Grand
Life is like a piano,
what you get out of it depends on how you play it.

-- Tom Lehrer

My license plate
This world may consist of musical notes
as well as of mathematical rules.

-- Albert Einstein
Me and my Lyon & Healy Prelude
Cantare Trio: Michele LeFevre, Laura Burhans, Michael Hitchcock Music was known and understood
before words were spoken.

-- Charles Darwin

L.B. to L.B. in Seven Generations
Laura Burhans studied with
Linda Orfanos (of Philadelphia) who studied with
Nevin Fisher (of Florida) who studied with
Max Landow (of Germany) who studied with
Edouard Risler (of Paris) who studied with
Franz Liszt, the well known student of
Karl Czerny, the protege of
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Ludwig Van Beethoven

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